• I am very grateful for your kind attention to my comfort and enjoyment while in Tehran. I was again impressed with the generous hospitality, warmth of your colleagues and sophistication of dermatology in your country. It was really a pleasure to attend your meeting and deepen the Relationships I have with you and faculty. Thank you again for inviting me and I hope I can return the favor in the future. (Dr.George Reizner; President, ISD, USA)

• It was a great pleasure to visit your clinic and meet so many colleagues! The trip to Shiraz and beyond was amazing. Thank you so much for spending time with me in Tehran and we too look forward to collaborations and a visit by you in the future. (Dr. Neil H Shear, Canada)

• It was a great meeting and the academic agenda was great. I am always glad to participate. I just wanted to say it was a great stay in Tehran and I look forward to being back soon with my
wife Susan. I appreciate all you and your staff’s care, hospitality and kindness. (Dr. David A. Mehregan, USA)

• Thank you very much for inviting me to this wonderful meeting and your warm hospitality. I am going back with lots of happy memories. We missed seeing Isfahan and Shiraz but hope to be back
again. Congratulations on the success of the meeting. (Dr. Rashmi Sarkar, India)

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