Title (Dr., Prof, etc): Dr

Family Name: Guichard

Name: Alexandre

Degree (MD, PhD, etc): Pharm.D, PhD


2011-14 Besançon University Hospital in Dermatology Dept & Besançon Medical University (FR)
·          PhD program in cutaneous pharmacology
2013 Besançon University Hospital (FR)
·         Good Clinical Practice certification
2013 Besançon University Hospital in Dermatology Dept (FR)
·         Pharmacist Thesis : Development of a Trichology Expertise in Besancon Hospital
2012 Centre Sabouraud in Saint-Louis University Hospital (Paris, FR)
·         Fellow in trichology unit with Drs REYGAGNE, BOUHANNA, MATARD, ASSOULY
2012 Pierre and Marie Curie Medical University (Paris VI, FR)
·         University Diploma: Biostatistics applied to clinical research
2010 Besançon Medical University (FR)
·         University Diploma: Skin properties assessment with bioengineering devices
2010 Besançon Medical University (FR)
·         Master’s Degree: Cellular and Tissular Engineering : “Comparison of grafted skin’s physical properties with bioengineering devices”
2009 Besançon Medical University (FR)
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Immunotherapy and Immunopathology
2003-08 Dijon Medical University (FR)
·         Bachelor of Pharmacy


Current position(s) and affiliation: Clinical Operations Director at Legacy Healthcare (Swiss pharma company), Lausanne, Switzerland.


Past positions:

  • Co-investigator of a clinical trial on synthetic hairs transplantation (Paris, France)
  • Consultant – Develop a hair research center (Teheran, Iran)
  • Coordinator and Investigator of a clinical study on sensitive scalps (Shangai, China)
  • Responsible of trichology unit (outpatient + research) (Besançon, France)

Fields of interest (max. 3): Hair, Nails, Research

Number of peer-reviewed publications: 17


Presentations Time: 

Session code and title Session 32: Disorders of hair and nail
Presentation title Chemotherapy-induced alopecia, state of the art
Session date Friday 27 April 2018
Session time 11.30-14.00
Venue Molana Hall (B)

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