Title (Dr., Prof, etc):  Dr

Family Name: Raboobee

Name: Noufal

Degree (MD, PhD, etc): MBChB (Natal), FFDerm (SA)



Current position(s) and affiliation:  Dermatologist, President Vitiligo Society of South Africa, Excecutive committee member of the Dermatological Society of South Africa


Past positions:  Senior lecturer University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Senior consultant King Edward VIII Hospital, Addington Hospital and Albert Luthuli Hospitals in Durban. Examiner for College of Medicine of South Africa.

Fields of interest (max. 3):  Vitiligo, Viral Warts, Psoriasis

Number of peer-reviewed publications: 9


Presentations Time:

Session code and title Session 12: Skin infections
Presentation title Treatment of viral warts with Tuberculin antigen
Session date Wednesday 25 April 2018
Session time 15.00-17.00
Venue Feyz Hall (C)


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