Title (Dr., Prof, etc): Prof. Dr.

Family Name: Rateb

Name: Amr

Degree (MD, PhD, etc): PhD

Education: MSc Dermatology and Venereology (1986), MD, PhD Dermatology (1990).

Current position(s) and affiliation: Professor of Dermatology, Cairo University.

Past positions: Assist. Professor of dermatology (1995- 2000), Lecturer in Dermatology (1990- 1995)

Fields of interest (max. 3): General dermatology, Photobiology, Hair restoration surgery.

Number of peer-reviewed publications: Sorry, I don’t have a record of them, many national and international over the last 27 years.

Presentations Time:

Session code and title Session 3: Dermatologic surgery 1
Presentation title Anaesthesia for aesthetic face office procedures
Session date Wednesday 25 April 2018
Session time 9.00-11.00
Venue Molana Hall (B)

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