Title (Dr., Prof, etc.): Prof. Dr. med.

Family Name: Moll

Name: Ingrid

Degree (MD, PhD, etc.): MD

Education: Dermatologist

Current position(s) and affiliation: DermatoMed (Private Practice in Dermatology)

Past positions: Director of the Department of Dermatology and Venerology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Fields of interest (max. 3): Tumor biology, Wound healing, Merkel cells

Number of peer-reviewed publications: 175


Presentations Time:

Session code and title Session 24: Skin cancers 3: Other tumors
Presentation title Pathogenesis and management of Merkel cell carcinoma – What is new?
Session date Thursday 26 April 2018
Session time 15.00-17.00
Venue Feyz Hall (C)

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