Local Scientific Committee
Assist. Prof. Saman Ahmad Nasrollahi, PhD, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (U.M.S.)
Assist. Prof. Mohammadamir Amirkhani, MD, PhD, Ministry of Health and Medical Education & Tehran U.M.S.
Prof. Ali Asilian, MD, Esfahan U.M.S.
Assist. Prof. Azin Ayatollahi, MD, Tehran University of Medical Sciences(TUMS)
Assoc. Prof. Elham Behrangi, MD, Iran U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Abbas Darjani, MD, Gilan U.M.S.
Prof. Yahya Dowlati, MD, PhD, Tehran U.M.S.
S. Ebrahim Eskandari, PhD Cand., Tehran U.M.S
Prof. Nafiseh Esmaili, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Prof. Alireza Firooz, MD, Tehran U.M.S. (Chair)
Assoc. Prof. Maryam Ghiasi, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Farhad Handjani, MD, Shiraz U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Gholamreza Hassanpour, PhD, Tehran U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Farideh Jowkar, MD, Shiraz U.M.S.
Prof. Ali Khamesipour, PhD, Tehran U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Alireza Khatami, MD, MSc (PH), MScMedEd, Tehran U.M.S.
Prof. Effat Khodaeiani, MD, Tabriz U.M.S.
Prof. Masoud Maleki, MD, Mashhad U.M.S.
Prof. Parvin Mansouri, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Vahid Mashayekhi, MD, Mashhad U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Saman Mohammadi, MD, Kerman U.M.S.
Prof. Hossein Mortazavi, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Prof. Mansour Nassiri Kashani, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Prof. Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Associate Prof. Reza Robati,MD,Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Giti Sadeghian, MD, Isfahan U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Shahidi Dadras, MD, Shahid Beheshti U.M.S.
Prof. Iraj Sharifi, PhD, Kerman U.M.S.
Assist. Prof. Mohammad Reza Sobhan, MD, Hamedan U.M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Hossein Tabatabaei, MD, Tehran U.M.S.
Prof. Parviz Toosi, MD, Shahid Beheshti U.M.S.
Prof. Reza Yaghoobi, MD, Ahvaz U.M.S.

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