Title (Dr., Prof, etc): prim, councillor

Family Name: Planinsek Rucigaj

Name: Tanja

Degree (MD, PhD, etc): MD

Education: specialization of dermatovenerology, subspecialisation of lymphology

 Current position(s) and affiliation: Head of Dermatovenereological Clinic, University medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia; vice-president of Balkan Venous Forum; president of Slovenian Flebological and Lymphological society; teacher of dermatovenereology at Faculty of Health Angele Boskin, Jesenice, Slovenia; member of the Expert Council of the Association of Vascular Disease in the Slovenian

Past position(s): past president of Association of Slovenian dermatovenereologist; past president of Slovenian Wound Management Association, past vice-president of Slovenian Wound Management Association

Fields of interest (max. 3): phlebology, lymphology, dermatooncology

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