Title (Dr., Prof, etc.): Dr.
Family Name: Kariman
Name: Ashraf
Degree (MD, PhD, etc.): MD
Education: Dermatologist
Current position(s) and affiliation: Dermatologist in Specialist Medical Center at the Kampnagelfabrik
Past positions: Dermatologist in Medical Care Center Lüchow- Dannenberg
Fields of interest (max. 3): Emerging and Reemerging Skin and infectious diseases, Laser therapy, hair transplantation
Number of peer-reviewed publications: 4

Presentations Time:

Session code and title Session 30: Free communications 2
Presentation title Influence of Myrtus communis extracts on the keratinocytes barrier
Session date Friday 27 April 2018
Session time 9.00-11.00
Venue Attar Hall (D)

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