Title (Dr., Prof, etc): Dr​.

Family Name: Abbasi​​

Name :Ali​​​

Degree (MD, PhD, etc):MD​

Education: A board certified in Dermatology​

Fellowship of international Hair Restoration Surgery

Current position(s) and affiliation:​ Director of Abbasi Hair Clinic

American Board Hair Restoration Surgery Certificated.

Board director of American Board Hair Restoration Surgery

Board governor of Asian association Hair restoration Surgery

Faculty member of international hair restoration surgery

Faculty member of Orlando live workshop

Past positions: ​​Past president of Association Asian Hair Restoration Surgery

Fields of interest (max. 3): ​Hair disease and Hair-transplantation

Number of peer-reviewed publications:

1) Hair Transplant without post-operative edema (Abbasi, s solution). September-Octuber,2005 Hair transplant International hair transplant forum.

2) Postoperative Edema Classification in hair transplant Surgery (Part One). Volum5-Number 1 Summer 2005 ESHRS journal Postoperative Edema Classification in hair transplant Surgery (PartTwo). Volum5-Number 2 Winter 2005 ESHRS journal

3) Lichen planopilaris mimicking androgenetic Alopecia, Dermatol Surg. 2016 Oct;42(10):1174-80


Title(s) of presentation(s):​scaring Alopecia Mimicking Androgenetic Alopecia

Presentations Time:

Session code and title Session 32: Disorders of hair and nail
Presentation title Scarring alopecia mimicking androgenetic alopecia
Session date Friday 27 April 2018
Session time 11.30-14.00
Venue Molana Hall (B)

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