Title (Dr., Prof, etc): Dr.

Family Name: Pakyari

Name: Mohammadreza (Sam)

Degree (MD, PhD, etc):   MD; PhD candidate

Education: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (MD), University of British Columbia (PhD)

Current position(s) and affiliation:   Research Assistant, UBC, PhD Candidate

Past positions:

Fields of interest (max. 3):   Transplantation Immunology,Wound Healing,Regenerative Medicine

Number of peer-reviewed publications: 16


Title(s) of presentation(s):

‘A Novel Method for Prolongation of Allogeneic Skin Graft Survival’

Presentations Time:

Session code and title Session 28: Skin regenerative medicine
Presentation title A novel method for prolongation of allogeneic skin graft survival
Session date Friday 27 April 2018
Session time 9.00-10.00
Venue Feyz Hall (C)

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