10/1982 until 04/1989 Study of human medicine at the university of Ulm
09.11.1989 Doctor´s degree in human medicine
04/1989 until 04/1993 Study of dentistry at the university of Ulm
26.04.1993 Achievement of the dental approbation
01.01.1994 Achievement of the medical approbation
01/1994 until 04/1997 Internship in the department of maxillo-facial-surgery at the University of Kiel
04/1997 until 03/2002 Internship in the department of plastic, maxillo-facial and reconstructive surgery at Marienhospital in Stuttgart
15.04.1997 Specialist for maxillo-facial surgery
05/2002 until 08/2003 Consultant in the clinic for aesthetic facial plastic surgery,
Fontana-Klinik an den Thermen in Freiburg
16.12.2002 Specialist for facial plastic surgery
19.12.2002 Doctor´s degree in dental medicine
since 09/2003 Private practice and clinic Klinik Dr. Dr.Herrmann-
esthetic facial plastic surgery (www.klinik-hermann.de)
since 05/2012 Private practice and head of department for facial plastic
surgery in Klinik auf der Karlshöhe in Stuttgart
DGMKG: German society for maxillo-facial surgery
GÄCD : German society for esthetic surgery
EAFPS : European Association of Facial Plastic Surgery
Rhinoplasty Society of Europe
Several publications and lectures on national and international conferences;
Member oft the expert council of the magazine „Cosmetic Practice“ as an expert in aesthetic surgery. (www.beauty-forum.com)

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