Surname: Ehsani

  First Name: Amirhooshang

  Date Of Birth: 1973

  Place Of Birth: Tehran, Iran


Education and Training

  • University of Semnan, Semnan 1991-1999, Medical School,
  • Board Certified (Dermatology), Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran 1989-1994


Administrative Responsibility

  • Professor of Medicine, Division of Dermatology
  • Vice Chancellor of education of Razi Hospital


Member of :

  • Iranian Society of Dermatology
  • Medical council of ministry of health 1999
  • Board of dermatology.

Teaching Experiences


  • Dermatology for Medical Students, Tehran University of Medical Sciences,2003
  • Dermatology for Interns, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2003
  • Dermatology for Residents, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2003


Work Experiences

  • Outpatients Dermatology Clinics
  • Outpatients Tumor clinics
  • Dermatologic Surgery Procedures Including Skin Biopsy, Dermabrasion, Hair Transplantation, Mohs surgery, Liposuction and Lipo infusion, Laser surgeries

Research Interests

  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatologic surgery
  • Medical expert systems



15 Books in Farsi

Articles, Papers

112 articles and papers published in national or international Medical Journals, or presented at national or international Congress, Seminar, and Medical Conferences


Computer Knowledge

  • Work with common softwares

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