ISD President Message

Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we assemble in Tehran for this important and prestigious meeting.  The International Society of Dermatology (ISD) is proud to participate in the Spring Continent Congress of Dermatology 2017 and to honor Dr. Yahya Dowlati’s extraordinary career as an innovator and educator.  This meeting is lifted to Spring Continental Congress because of his many years of commitment to the ISD, his lifelong efforts to mentor young dermatologists, his dedication to advancing this specialty and sharing this through the many meetings he has organized.

The ISD is proud to help support this Congress through scholarships, travel grants and speakers and to contribute to its international exposure.  For me, this is also a prized opportunity to see and meet colleagues and make new friends while enjoying the culture, hospitality and history of this remarkable country.  These experiences and contacts are at the heart of a meeting’s success and an opportunity for new and seasoned dermatologists to network and learn.

I also wish to welcome our new members to the Society.  This meeting is unique by making all registrants members.  This will strengthen the representation of Iran in the ISD and also serve as a lasting legacy for this Congress.

Our Society is already represented by many members from Iran, both in your country and abroad.  They serve as chairs and members of committees, on task forces and in other leadership positions.   The ISD is stronger because of their contributions and I am proud this meeting is the latest bridge between Persia and global dermatology.

Many of the Society’s executive board are attending and together wish to thank the organizing committee for their hard work and dedication.  We are grateful for this opportunity to come to Tehran and learn from our colleagues, each of us leaving richer for the experience.

This Congress will communicate some of dermatology’s cutting edge ideas, reflects Iran’s long and significant influence in medicine and celebrate Dr. Dowlati’s esteemed career.  Let us enjoy these next few days as an oasis of learning and international fellowship.



George Reizner, MD

President, International Society of Dermatology